Wednesday, March 2, 2011

No Strings Attached (3.2)

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A girl and a guy try to have a no strings attached "Sex friends" relationship without falling in love. It doesn't take long for them to realize that it sounds easier than it really is but will they both be able to admit to themselves that it was always something more?

I kind of hate how much I like Ashton Kutcher. I have no idea what it is, well, besides his super attractiveness, I guess I'm just drawn to him. He's like a magnet and him playing suave/kind love interests in movies are not helping things. I liked him in Valentine's Day and in Killers and now I can add this movie to my slightly-shameful enjoyments.

What might redeem myself slightly was the fact that the love interest was Natalie Portman who I absolutely have also adored and highly respected. She is amazing and it was really nice to see her in this fun, romantic role. Sure she gets nods from critics when she makes movies like Black Swan, but I think it's important for actors to play all kinds of roles, not just the ones that are guaranteed to change lives. I liked her character and liked what she did with it. I also liked seeing her with Ashton, they were a great on screen couple.

This is a little bit different from the normal romantic comedies because they really are just sex friends for the first half but it makes for some witty dialogue and some good natured snickering. The friends on both parts, one of which was played by Ludicrous (what?! I thought he had disappeared), were a nice comedic bonus. Sometimes just there as ultra ridiculous scene progressers but still fun for the most part.

There were things that really didn't have to be there. Most of those things I felt like they forced into the script in order to make it more hilarious but because it felt forced it was less than funny. Some lame parts for sure and a lot of characters that didn't have to exist at all.

I guess what made this movie better and different for me was that Ashton wasn't this perfect, heart stopping man and Natalie wasn't the big-mouthed, over emotional chick. The basic story of meet, love, problems, break, back together is still in order but the rest is enough of a change to not make it feel like a waste of time.

Worth a rent for sure, especially if you like romcoms.

3.2/5 (that little extra .2 for Natalie)

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