Sunday, March 20, 2011

Penelope (4)

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A family curse is set upon an old blue blood family causing the first female heir to be born with a pig face. Enter Penelope. Her family hides her away from the world while trying to break the curse but the only way to do that is if one of her own kind (blue blood) excepts her for who she is until death do them part.

Who doesn't love Christina Ricci? I was so happy to see her in this role. She has been under the radar over the last while and it was great to see her in this not-s-blockbuster film. She was amazing as Penelope and I honestly don't know anyone else who could have done it like she did. Really awesome...she needs to do more movies again!

...I also want every single one of her outfits in this movie. Huge high five to the costume designer(s)! Beautiful, stunning costumes.

Hello James "Sexy" McAvoy. That infamous alias name is obvious what I call him but who else could play the slightly grimy yet all so dashing and charming love interest better than that foxy Scotsman? No one you say, well yes, I agree with you! Fantastic to see him in this supporting role. I like seeing James in supporting roles, like in The Last Station, because he doesn't steal the show but he is always memorable. He was great on screen with Ricci in this movie and I loved every scene they had together. Really cute.

This story isn't anything amazing but it has a more fairytale/fantasy feel to it that really adds another layer to the obvious romcom feel. That means that it's far more bearable yet still fluffy and heart clenching. It's also surprisingly hilarious. I mean, I really laugh while watching this movie.

Some obvious comical bonuses were Catherine O'Hara who is beyond amazing in this movie and Peter Dinklage who plays this reporter/spy guy and has some great scenes.

With the whole fairy tale story, comedy, characters and a great cast, I liked this movie way more than I thought I would. I mean, it's still corny at parts and the very ending is kind of lame but all-in-all I was entertained but also felt my heart ache a little. A great Sunday afternoon flick.


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