Sunday, March 20, 2011

Vertigo (4)

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The classic 1958 Hitchcock thriller about a detective suffering from acrophobia (fear of heights) who gets caught up in a mysterious case concerning a long-time friend's stunning wife and her possible possession by a previous ancestor.

Another film on the 100 Essential Films list that I found. Recently I watched and reviewed Metropolis and was happily satisfied with what I found and this movie is another one that I am not surprised to find on this essential list. The cinematography especially...there were so many shots that I have seen re-used and re-invented in almost every film I have ever seen. I suppose Hitchcock in general paved the way for thrillers and the suspense genre but this one especially was some really stunning shots.

The first half of this movie I thought moved really slowly. I didn't really get where the story was going but then the plot twist happened and it was almost like an entirely new movie began to unfold before my eyes. The suspense really doesn't start building until that point but then it builds and builds and builds and by that the time the last big scene rolls around you are entirely sucked into this amazing story. You keep wondering what he will do next and what she will say and where are they going...amazing script and fantastic directing. Really incredible movie. Like I said, it's an obvious choice for the 100 essential films list.

Hitchcock is a master and I'm sure by now, or at least I hope by now, you have seen at least one of his films. Regardless, this one should be watched. I liked it even better than Psycho because when the story turns it really turns.

I was surprised at some of the performances as well. Generally the acting is great but it's great for its times but this movie is timeless and I think the acting in it had a lot to do with that. James Stewart especially but Kim Novak was amazing opposite James.

This movie is less scary and more suspense. There are some crazy scenes as the movie gets closer to the end but other than that I would say this sticks to its genre. The first half is basically there to build the story and characters but it really warms up to the plot twist and from then on in it's an amazing ride.

Watch it.


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