Sunday, April 10, 2011

Astro Boy (4)

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A brilliant scientist loses his son but brings him back in the form of an advanced robot. Once he does he realizes that the robot could never be his son so he tries to deactivate him but the boy runs away. It turns out that this boy may be mankind's only hope against a new evil device that ends up in the wrong hands. Can a half human, half robot boy ever find a place where he'll fit in?

I remember watching this when I was a kid but I really liked the new version, even if it was different. This is a classic sci-fi subject; can a robot be human? Can they feel emotion? What makes us human? This movie visits all of these familiar topics yet I found that it really focused on them so they weren't hidden under unnecessary dialogue. While it is a cute movie and great for families I would be surprised if you didn't find yourself thinking even a little bit about the questions mentioned above.

The voices were pretty awesome although sadly I was a bit let down by Nicholas Cage was the dad in this movie...sometimes his voice just did not have enough emotion in it to match the character I was seeing on the screen.

I was surprised by how entertained I was when watching this movie. I really liked Astro Boy; I thought the boy was a great character. I enjoyed the other little robots and silly friends that he makes along the way to...very cool.

I guess that's what I thought once the credits rolled, very cool. This is a neat little family sci-fi movie and I think everyone will be able to sit back and enjoy some good fights, funny scenes and quick but sweet heart wrenching scenes.

Worth a watch for sure.


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