Monday, April 25, 2011

Scream 4 (3.5)

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The same thing as before...but different.

You know what these movies are about. I think everyone likes the Scream movies but a lot of people rolled their eyes when they heard there was going to be a 4th one. I did not, I was really pumped about it. I heart these movies so much because they take what is great about the genre and do it so well, but then they also take what's bad about the genre and comment on it. Perfect equation for awesome.

I was really happy with how Neve Campbell was exactly the same as she was in the first 3. She was on her A game and I really have no complaints about her at all...except that I was hoping she would be in the movie more.

David Arquette was the same old, goofy guy but Courteney Cox was way over the top and far too botoxed for me to look at anything but her fake lips and shiver slightly in my seat. I suppose character-wise she was about as dumb as before...yet, some how less annoying, which was less fun for the whole family (figure of speech, this sure as hell is not a family film).

The ending was a surprise but kinda not...I'll leave it at that (no spoilers).

The younger people in this movie were pretty lame, especially the cousin chick. She bugged me. I did like this films version of the nerd/geek team, gotta love that there is a Culkin kid in this movie (they just wont leave).

I was disappointed with the lack of excitement though. I mean, the movie didn't suck at all and it had the same feel as the last 3 movies but there wasn't as much thrill or scare in it for me. Maybe I am watching way more intense horror these days so I'm desensitized, but it wasn't as palm sweaty or heart beat worthy as I remember the other movies being. Still good though.

If you like these movies make sure to head out and watch this one. If you like horror and scary movies you'll find it enjoyable and entertaining. If you don't like any of the above then maybe wait to rent it.


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