Monday, April 4, 2011

Some Like It Hot (4)

This is easily one of the top 10 comedies ever made. It's ridiculous, witty, smart, has cross dressing men who give amazing performances with or without heels on and is also one of the more well known movies starring Marilyn Monroe.

I don't feel like I need a long review about this film, it's a must see for any movie/comedy buff. This black and white classic is anything but slow and dull; it's fast paced, slap stick, pure humour at its finest! While Monroe is obviously important and amazing it's Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon who really make this movie. I have never seen men walk so well in hells before! I especially loved watching Tony Curtis...solid laughs all the way through.

The story is just ridiculous and it keeps building and building until you're laughing at just about everything because you can't believe what they've got themselves into. I think I spent most of the movie just laugh/saying "oh my god!" and slapping my leg.

Even with all the comedy there is this constant feel of an action movie that sneaks in now and again, seeing how they're dressed as women to escape assassination, and that adds an extra level of movement to the whole film. Perfect script and genius story telling with amazing performances and buckets of laughs. I don't think this 1959 classic is going any where any time soon.


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