Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Source Code (3)

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A captain awakes in a strangers body but quickly learns that he is part of a crucial mission attempting to find a bomber who is threatening to blow up downtown Chicago.

If you have been reading my blog for even a short amount of time you must have noticed that I am quite the Jake Gyllenhaal fan (Love and Other Drugs, Brothers, Bubble Boy). I think he is fantastic. Yes, he is stunningly handsome, but all looks aside, I really like what he does. He has this energy and this urgency to him in all his movies that I get sucked into completely. I just...believe everything that he says and can't help but listen to every word he says; even the ridiculous words. I think he is really diverse, going from comedy to romance and straight to action and then intense like. Me like a lot.

Michelle Monaghan was good, she just wasn't in the movie all that much and when she was it was just her the same over and over again...well, not entirely, but all the attention is definitely on Jake so it wasn't get fault. I like her though, she hasn't ruined a movie for me yet. I first noticed her in Eagle Eye but, now that I think about it, she was about the same in this movie too. Hmm.

The action is there but it's short lived seeing how it's restricted to 8 minutes over and over again (you'll see what I mean more when/if you watch it).

I liked how they touched base on the whole alternate realities and paradoxes, but they didn't talk about it nearly enough for this movie to be considered sci-fi. Not in my opinion anyways. There also wasn't enough action in it for it to be this serious suspense/action flick. It hovers around the two genres but doesn't have enough meat on either side for it to really jump out and grab hold. I know they were trying to get the best of both worlds but it didn't really work that well.

It was still entertaining though. I liked the over all idea/plot and Jake's character was interesting and they did attempt to add some sci-fi concepts which tickled my nerdy sense and there was pyro and guns so that's a win win. It just, didn't do it for me though.

I liked the ending though, maybe not the very ending, but where they went with it right near the end was when they really got my attention. High five for that. It could've ending really badly...


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