Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Sucker Punch (3.5)

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A girl is sent to an mental hospital by her abusive stepfather and escapes into an alternative reality in order to forget her pain and plan for her freedom.

This is a movie for all nerd/fantasy and action movie fans. It's got all you really need: enough of a story to make you pay attention yet riddled with guns, swords, cool outfits and wicked fight scenes. My nerd senses liked this movie more than I thought I would because it had this fantasy/sci-fi side to it that I didn't expect to be there and was happy when it was.

The whole alternate realities thing was really interesting to me although the one with all the action was not there as much as I wanted it to be. When you watch the trailer you expect it to be non-stop thrills and kills, but once it starts you realize there is a much more sinister and dramatic tone to the whole movie that sucks a bit of the fun and carefree awesomeness from even the most badass action scenes; you knew that in 5 minutes you would be back to another, more depressing reality. I found I wasn't sitting back and enjoying the action and fighting as much as I normally do because I knew once it flipped back to what was really happening that it was no longer a game anymore...

Acting was as good as it could be. I did enjoy watching Amy Browning in this movie, she was a good lead. I did like the characters and I liked the slight background given on the more important, key characters, but they left out a lot of back story on some of the other girls and for good reason - they didn't need to. Any more depth to the story and it would have really ruined any hope of it not being masked by the sadness of what the real story was. So, for that, I thank them. Less character more guns. Win for all in this situation.

The visuals were not nearly as amazing as I was hoping for but the fight scenes were still ultimate and amazing. There were a few times that I caught myself saying "Nice!" out loud in the theatre, so that's a good sign. There wasn't that many new moves but I saw a few new things that I liked. Also, there are dragons. I effin' love dragons!

So. If you liked previous Zack Snyder flicks you will most likely enjoy parts of this one. If you like crazy fight scenes and action you will enjoy this as well. Also, there is enough fantasy/sci-fi in it to sooth those needs as well for those of you who enjoy that genre.

Over all enjoyable, don't expect to think about this movie much once you leave the theatre; a nice and well needed escape from life for 2 blissful hours.


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