Monday, April 4, 2011

What Dreams May Come (3.5)

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Life is hard after a couple loses their two children but they help one another through the pain. After the husband dies in a car accident just 3 years later the wife commits suicide. Would you leave heaven and suffer hell in order to save your soulmate?

Robin Williams is always enjoyable to watch but Cuba Gooding Jr. was surprisingly great to watch in this movie as well. Especially the scenes he has with Robin...there was something about them that I really like, that I was really drawn too. Annabella Sciorra (who played Robin's wife in the movie) I wasn't impressed with at first but then about half way through the movie I started really watching her and, especially at the end, I found myself become really connected to her character.

This story is main reason to watch this film. The script is amazing. I found myself silently exclaiming out loud to no one during some of the scenes because the dialogue was so real and really hit home for me now and then...even enough to make me pause the movie to write down a few lines to look over later. There is some strong stuff in this film but it could be over looked by the visual appeal.

I suppose in 1998 the effects were groundbreaking, and they are still really cool, but I couldn't find myself being amazed by what I saw. Maybe a decade ago I would have watched with my mouth wide but I couldn't really appreciate it. It was beautiful though, reminded me of so many dreams that I've had myself. I guess that's the's not just a clever name.

At first I wasn't sucked in at all, in fact it took me until about half way through the movie before I found myself really paying attention. Once I did though I was tears and smiles and my mind hurt from some of the amazing lines that were said. While I'm not convinced that the acting in this was anything ground breaking there was something about Robin, Cuba and Annabella. I still don't know if it was them as actors or their characters that hit some chord with me but regardless I found myself really attached to them by the end of this movie. I don't cry for no reason...

This movie isn't anything life changing but there were a few key scenes that really get you thinking. I also like how there were a few times that things would happen that would make me question my own beliefs, not only about death, but about life too. So even if the over all movie wasn't as good as I was hoping to be I know I will be thinking about it for the next few days and that generally means that it's worth a watch. The ending is amazing too which seems to be a rare thing when it comes to movies these days.

I hope I have awesome dreams tonight because of this...


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