Sunday, May 29, 2011

Water For Elephants (4)

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I thought about watching this movie since I first saw previews for it ages ago but for some reason I lost interest over time. I had heard that it was okay or pretty good or some people told me they enjoyed it but there wasn't much excitement there.

Maybe it was because I was expecting something mediocre or maybe the story itself appealed to me more than anyone else I had spoken with about this film but I really liked it. I enjoyed every minute of it. Not only was I emotionally attached to the characters but also the animals and I was completely taken over and engulfed in the story. Sure, it was based on the national bestselling novel (that I want to read now) which means the story kinda had to be good but they also could have completely effed it up...which they didn't. Hat tip.

Yes, yes, we all know Robert Pattinson has the sparkling Edward in the Twilight series, most recently in Eclipse and I know most will roll their eyes at him being the main character but I really think people should step back and allow themselves to see him in other rolls. Okay, he wasn't super impressive in Remember Me but I notice him getting better and better with each film and he was really good in this roll. I liked watching him and didn't even snort laugh at his acting once. Can't wait to see what he does next (Twilight aside).

Reese Witherspoon...I never really got her. To be honest, I don't understand why people find her lovable or anything special. She was a good match for the character but I wasn't overly impressed with anything. The only time I've really liked her was in Penelope and she didn't even have a big part. Meh.

Christoph Waltz was fantastic. I hope that guy keeps making movies because he can do no harm. Seeing him go from Inglorious Basterds to this is awesome. High fives all around.

Love this story. Loved seeing the animals and how everything panned out. I also liked how the ending wasn't what I thought it was going to be and I actually liked it. Really interesting film.

Not so much a romance as it is just a good drama with circus acts. Can't really complain about that. Really though, this is not a chick flick. I mean, there are random sappy moments but nothing groan worthy. Just a solid story.

Solid watch.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Fast Five (4.2)

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This was all I ever wanted in an action movie.

Yes, there were some hilarious/cheesy lines, and I believe 90% of them were said by Vin Diesel, but the movie was fantastic! I honestly could not believe how much fun I had and how entertained I was for the entire thing. Literally, start to finish is none-stop action.

I suppose it helped that any back story needed to feel that slight amount of connection to any of the characters was set over the last 4 movies so they didn't have to waste any time trying to be sentimental; the emotions were already there. Mmm delicious actions movies without unnecessary and fake heart felt scenes. Lovely.

Cars. Not so much girls as THE ROCK! Yes. That is right. If the idea of seeing Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock and Vin Diesel doesn't excite you in some way than you either hate action films or hate life itself. The fight was amazing. I couldn't even handle it. I am sorry to my fellow movie go-ers because I was that annoying and loud person in the theatre. Every verbalization could not be helped. So good.

Okay. You get the point. If you liked any of the other Fast & Furious films you will LOVE this. If you liked the first one but didn't like any of the other ones you will LOVE this (because it's the same if not better than the first). If you like action, fights, cars, guns and fun you will LOVE this.

Also, Paul Walker is still a hunk. Win.

'Nough said.


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Peacock (3.2)

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A mysterious and shy bank clerk in the small town of Peacock is forced to reveal a side of himself that no one ever knew existed after a train crashes into his yard.

I had no idea what to expect when I borrowed this film from a friend but I can tell you that it wasn't anything close to what I actually watched. In a good and slightly bad way.

I can't really tell much of the story at all without telling everyone what the big secret is so this review will be short and coded but if it interests you at all I highly suggest checking it out.

Cillian Murphy (best known for his role as the Scarecrow in the Batman Beings) was beyond amazing in this movie. Actually, he made this movie. Without him this movie would have easily rolled into the sucking category. His performance in this is reason enough to watch this movie. I cannot even...I still cannot believe him in this movie. I wish I could say more but I cannot without spoiling things so just trust me on this.

Ellen Page wasn't in the movie much and she wasn't impressive, the same goes for Susan fact, all the sideline characters weren't very interesting at all but it wasn't totally their faults, the main story and character are overpoweringly interesting and thought consuming.

It is a thriller for sure and gets a little disturbing at times, but nothing too heavy.

I admit that I like the main idea behind this movie and I can honestly say that I haven't seen a plot quite like it before but it was still missing something. I believe that something was support from somewhere else. I liked this movie without a doubt but I needed something more to fuel the core base of this film in order for it to have really sucked me into it.

Watch it for Cillian Murphy. You really have no idea where this story will take you until you get there...


Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Kids Are All Right (3.8)

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Two children, born into a gay family with two mothers, seek out their donor father and want him to become a part of the family.

This was the last film on my list to watch from last years Oscar Best Picture nominees and I'm a little bit upset with myself that it took me this long to watch. I made lots of assumptions and heard mixed emotions about this movie but it exceeded all my personal expectations and I'm not sure why other people didn't like it.

One thing is for sure: this is not a comedy. I have no idea how or why it got placed in that category because it is a drama through and through. Sure, I giggled every now and then, but to me it had little to no comedic elements, only awkward situations. A good example to me of a comedy/drama is It's Complicated. It's a drama. End of story.

I wasn't sure how the story was really going to go but I was not expecting what I got. I liked it a lot though. I generally was invested in the outcome of this movie and the characters in it. Much less so with the children than with the mothers and the donor father.

Annete Bening and Julian Moore were fantastic. I was generally in love with Moore and majorly terrified of Bening for the entire film. Super strong characters and terrific acting. High fives to both.

Only other best part of Mark Ruffalo. I heart Ruffalo so, so, so very much. No idea what it is, but every single movie I have seen him in I have loved watching him. I suppose he is just another one of those actors that I really enjoy watching on screen. He is just under the radar like Paul Bettany but diverse in quite a different way. He goes from movies like Shutter Island, then does something like The Brothers it.

While the characters were moving and the general story was great I felt like there was something missing. There was a level that I just wasn't getting from this movie and I have no idea what it was. Maybe it was the constant wave of emotions, or the feeling of lost suspense...not sure, can't pin point it. I liked this movie a lot but it wasn't one of my favourites. I'm not sure if it really deserved the Oscar nomination...I get why it was considered, but it wasn't life changing enough for me.


Saturday, May 14, 2011

Thor (3.5)

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"The powerful but arrogant warrior Thor is cast out of the fantastic realm of Asgard and sent to live amongst humans on Earth, where he soon becomes one of their finest defenders." (imdb)

I was looking forward to this movie since I saw the first teaser months and months ago. I thought in my mind that it would be delicious cheese with action and a small amount of chuckles. When it opened everyone told me how amazing it was and how I was going to love it etc etc...I wish now that I had stuck with my original expectations. Not that the movie was bad, no not at all, but I felt like I expected a little more than anyone else and didn't get all I wanted. C'est la vie.

I loved Chris Hemsworth as Thor. I really did. I'm not sure I could picture anyone else in the roll now that he's solidified his awesomeness by being an awesome Thor. In all honesty, he was my favourite part of the movie. There was something about him that caught my attention and never let it go (and it's not just because he's good looking, I'm talking talent here...shock). I feel like without Chris this movie would have been less than impressive.

Natalie Portman (Your Highness, No Strings Attached, Black Swan) her, but she wasn't anything special in this movie. Same goes for the brilliant Anthony Hopkins. It was great to see him in all his shiny armor and God-like power...but it didn't do all that much for me and for the movie over all.

I am an action junky so I generally always want and need more action but I really wanted more action in this movie. When it was there it was fantastic and there were some cool moves/scenes in this movie that made me vocalize my excitement in the theatre. I just...wanted more fighting, especially from Thor. That being said, it was still amazing as a pre-summer action flick. The 3D leaves something to be desired but it definitely enhanced the fights.

I started to get bored with the whole 'love' story that they tried to make between Thor and Portman's character. It wasn't believable but it also tipped the balance of action and emotion just a little too far to the emotion side of things. I suppose it's hard to make a character relatable without an emotional connection but I feel like they put just a little bit too much into their relationship and the side-line characters associated with that.

Biggest let down: Thor's companions. I just...what?!

Also, I did not like the costumes. I thought the mix of alien to Gods ended up just looking too fake and cheesie to me. More armor, less...ness.

For me I guess I just wasn't overly impressed or stunned by anything. I still loved watching this movie and would suggest everyone to head to theatres to see it, especially if you like action/mythical/nerdy flicks. Just go in there thinking it will be okay and maybe you will leave more impressed than I was.


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Persepolis (4.5)

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2007 biography/animation french film by Vincent Paronnaud and Marjane Satrapi.

The story follows a young Iranian girl named Marjane as she grows up during the Islamic Revolution.

This movie was on my movies to watch list twice and I'm so happy I finally got around to seeing it. At first I wasn't sure how I felt about it, it seemed the story took a bit of time to get going, but once it did...I completely understand why this was nominated for an Oscar.

The story was so full, so rich. I felt like the movie must of been 3 hours long but in a good way. The script is so exact that not a single shot or word was out of place or unnecessary. Each character seemed to be more full than the last and yet you really couldn't see into their eyes or feel their expressions because of the animation, so that just shows you how amazing the movie is. When the images are 2D yet the feeling is more intense than if it was real people...

I feel like I learned so much more about Iran having watched this movie. I knew of the things that happened and still are happening but watching someone grow up in it, leave and then return again, was the perfect way to show what life is really like there.

It can get pretty emotional at times but there are also some hilarious scenes and, ultimately, watching this as a woman was an extra bonus. Love the main character to pieces...I would totally be friends with her.

I honestly have nothing bad to say about this movie at all. I liked that it was animation but not in colour (mainly). I liked where the story took me and the things it showed me. Yet, it is still about war and brutality so it's not a light movie in any way. What it is is a powerful film that deserves all the credit it has been given.

Watch it.

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