Monday, May 23, 2011

Fast Five (4.2)

(Watch the Trailer)

This was all I ever wanted in an action movie.

Yes, there were some hilarious/cheesy lines, and I believe 90% of them were said by Vin Diesel, but the movie was fantastic! I honestly could not believe how much fun I had and how entertained I was for the entire thing. Literally, start to finish is none-stop action.

I suppose it helped that any back story needed to feel that slight amount of connection to any of the characters was set over the last 4 movies so they didn't have to waste any time trying to be sentimental; the emotions were already there. Mmm delicious actions movies without unnecessary and fake heart felt scenes. Lovely.

Cars. Not so much girls as THE ROCK! Yes. That is right. If the idea of seeing Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock and Vin Diesel doesn't excite you in some way than you either hate action films or hate life itself. The fight was amazing. I couldn't even handle it. I am sorry to my fellow movie go-ers because I was that annoying and loud person in the theatre. Every verbalization could not be helped. So good.

Okay. You get the point. If you liked any of the other Fast & Furious films you will LOVE this. If you liked the first one but didn't like any of the other ones you will LOVE this (because it's the same if not better than the first). If you like action, fights, cars, guns and fun you will LOVE this.

Also, Paul Walker is still a hunk. Win.

'Nough said.


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