Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Kids Are All Right (3.8)

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Two children, born into a gay family with two mothers, seek out their donor father and want him to become a part of the family.

This was the last film on my list to watch from last years Oscar Best Picture nominees and I'm a little bit upset with myself that it took me this long to watch. I made lots of assumptions and heard mixed emotions about this movie but it exceeded all my personal expectations and I'm not sure why other people didn't like it.

One thing is for sure: this is not a comedy. I have no idea how or why it got placed in that category because it is a drama through and through. Sure, I giggled every now and then, but to me it had little to no comedic elements, only awkward situations. A good example to me of a comedy/drama is It's Complicated. It's a drama. End of story.

I wasn't sure how the story was really going to go but I was not expecting what I got. I liked it a lot though. I generally was invested in the outcome of this movie and the characters in it. Much less so with the children than with the mothers and the donor father.

Annete Bening and Julian Moore were fantastic. I was generally in love with Moore and majorly terrified of Bening for the entire film. Super strong characters and terrific acting. High fives to both.

Only other best part of Mark Ruffalo. I heart Ruffalo so, so, so very much. No idea what it is, but every single movie I have seen him in I have loved watching him. I suppose he is just another one of those actors that I really enjoy watching on screen. He is just under the radar like Paul Bettany but diverse in quite a different way. He goes from movies like Shutter Island, then does something like The Brothers it.

While the characters were moving and the general story was great I felt like there was something missing. There was a level that I just wasn't getting from this movie and I have no idea what it was. Maybe it was the constant wave of emotions, or the feeling of lost suspense...not sure, can't pin point it. I liked this movie a lot but it wasn't one of my favourites. I'm not sure if it really deserved the Oscar nomination...I get why it was considered, but it wasn't life changing enough for me.


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