Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Persepolis (4.5)

(Watch the Trailer)

2007 biography/animation french film by Vincent Paronnaud and Marjane Satrapi.

The story follows a young Iranian girl named Marjane as she grows up during the Islamic Revolution.

This movie was on my movies to watch list twice and I'm so happy I finally got around to seeing it. At first I wasn't sure how I felt about it, it seemed the story took a bit of time to get going, but once it did...I completely understand why this was nominated for an Oscar.

The story was so full, so rich. I felt like the movie must of been 3 hours long but in a good way. The script is so exact that not a single shot or word was out of place or unnecessary. Each character seemed to be more full than the last and yet you really couldn't see into their eyes or feel their expressions because of the animation, so that just shows you how amazing the movie is. When the images are 2D yet the feeling is more intense than if it was real people...

I feel like I learned so much more about Iran having watched this movie. I knew of the things that happened and still are happening but watching someone grow up in it, leave and then return again, was the perfect way to show what life is really like there.

It can get pretty emotional at times but there are also some hilarious scenes and, ultimately, watching this as a woman was an extra bonus. Love the main character to pieces...I would totally be friends with her.

I honestly have nothing bad to say about this movie at all. I liked that it was animation but not in colour (mainly). I liked where the story took me and the things it showed me. Yet, it is still about war and brutality so it's not a light movie in any way. What it is is a powerful film that deserves all the credit it has been given.

Watch it.



  1. Glad to see you enjoyed it. I've been eyeing this one off for a while.

    That review might have actually given me the force of will to go out and get it.

  2. And if you want to watch another animated movie about conflict in the middle east speckled with music and dancing, try waltz with Bashir.


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