Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Green Lantern (3)

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A pilot is chosen by a mystical ring to become a member of a force that help maintain peace throughout the universe.

I've always liked Ryan Reynolds (The Proposal, Buried, Waiting). Every time I watch one of his movies I blab on and on about how he can do no wrong and he is awesome (because he is), but I'm not sure the superhero movies are really for him. Don't get me wrong, this guy can do action and he can do it well but the super hero gig just wasn't working for him. Maybe it was just this character but he did a good job, all things considering, but it could've been better. I still heart you. I still liked you and I really don't know who could have played this better than you...mostly because I have no idea who suits it...where's Tom Cruise (I joke, I joke).

I like Peter Sarsgaard (An Education, Garden State). I liked his creepy villain-ness in this movie. He made me giggle a little because they made him look so weird but I thought he did well playing the evil scientist character. Well done.

The action was okay. It was more about good effects and imagination rather than fist-to-face style fighting. It was more about flying around and creating different ways of defeating the enemy without even having to touch them. Different, interesting, but it just wasn't enough for what I was expecting from an action flick.

This movie just...was. It was entertaining and amusing at times but mostly the action was average along with everything else. Enjoyed watching it and would see it again but I'm not going to be waiting around the the DVD to come out; if the chance came to watch it I would but I wont be going out of my way to see it again.

This movie was definitely a summer blockbuster/action flick. It wasn't made to rock your world or change your life but what it will do is keep you entertained, or if even that fails, the air conditioning in the theatre will keep you cool.


Monday, June 27, 2011

Transformers: Dark of the Moon (3.5)

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The evil aliens are trying to take over earth again and the good aliens need to help the humans from that happening. Fact.

I was less impressed with Shia this time around...maybe my love for him is finally starting to fade....naw, it wasn't really his fault. I was generally less interested in, well, general this time. He was still hilarious and I loved his funny freak out moments. That man can make funny faces and I like it. He's so good at the action stuff too and I know he does all the stunts they will let him and I saw some cool stuff. Way to go dude...gold star.

Blonde, I mean Rosie Huntington-Whiteley...Yaaaa. More annoying than Megan Fox. Way more. She stood around just to look sexy more than Megan ever pretended to. At least Megan fixed cars and fought aliens and didn't run in high heels for the ENTIRE movie. What the hell were you doing?! So stupid. Sucks to be her in fake and real life. I mean, how can you save the world when you can't even run?! Annoying. Also, put those lips away please. Kthanks.

I was surprised to see that the main characters were a bit of a let down this time around and the newly introduced or one-scene-only characters had some of the best lines. I still do love most of the returning cast but some of them I am very tired off aka the soldiers. Sorry Josh Duhamel and etc., there is only so much uber American pride I can handle in 120 minutes. I missed Sam's parents though, they are hilarious characters. At least they were in it for a little bit and I laughed harder when they were around. Ohhh parents.

Speaking of 120 minutes, this movie seemed looong. It didn't help that nothing really happens in the first 30 of those 120 minutes...actually, it was probably close to 140 minutes. Anyways, the fun doesn't start until half way through which is just about the time that I started to lean my head harder on my hand in boredom. Alas, you can't win them all, I just really didn't care about the romance/drama/unnecessary information they decided to clog the script with. Don't need it, sorry, you don't. I don't need to feel connected to Blonde nor do I care about Sam being employed.

Story was meh. I guess compared to the second film it was way better but the way they decided to fill it out aka through characters and little plot pusher moments was weak and didn't keep me interested. The action was solid though; Michael Bay knows his action. Alien robot battles are awesome. Always. End.

I thought the 3D was awesome. I didn't like how they molded into the whole Battle:LA scenario for a short while. That was unoriginal. I did like the idea at first but then it didn't go deep enough for me. I think I saw a Doctor Who episode that was almost exactly like the end of this movie...basically, I wasn't overly impressed with the imagination used in creating a new scenario this time around. At least I like Egypt and liked looking at Egypt in the last one (by the way, the reason why I am not referring to the first movie is because it is awesome and you all know it).

Alright. Enough rambling. Good summer blockbuster action flick with some hot chick who runs in heels and Shia being himself and a lot of slow motion, epic pans with American flags in the background. Also, alien fights that are awesome and also slow motion but even more awesome because they are slow motion...

You get the picture.


Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Burbs (3)

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A strange neighbour begins to shake a quite, friendly neighbourhood and cause a few of the people who live there to believe there is more to these strangers than meets the eye. It's up to them to find out what's going on, and they'll stop at nothing to know the truth.

Tom Hanks. You. Are. The. Best. Thing. That. Ever. Happened. Sliced bread's got nothin' on you. The sun's got nothin' on you. The invention of electricity's got nothin' on you. Well, you get the point. You are awesome and I look forward to Tompocalypse. That's right, when everyone turns into Tom Hanks. Oh, it's gonna happen and I will not fight it.

Every character in this movie is wacko. There was every stereotypical, American style person in the neighbourhood within this film. At some moments it's always so true that it's not funny...but I still laughed (because I'm a sick person, don't tell anyone). Really though, sometimes the characters were just too messed up and random and weird for me to really find them funny. It was just confusing sometimes. And sad. Mostly sad. Ya.

The general plot is...lame. The whole story doesn't matter at all...the only reason to really want this movie unless you love Corey Feldman being, well, just Corey, is Tom Hanks. He is awesome. This movie should just be called "Tom Hanks is Awesome So Just Watch It and Laugh".

The ending was just so bizarre and turns rather scary right at the end. It's a comedy and silly and than BAM it's a horror movie. I kind of liked it like that, so weird and so unexpected. Did I mention weird?

Great late night Friday movie that you can watch and like and then forget except you wont because it's Tom Hanks but that's all you'll really need to remember anyways.

Watch The Money Pit first.

3/5 (2 of those 3 are for Tom Hanks)

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Beginners (4.5)

(Watch the Trailer...no really, you should)

I don't really want to explain what this movie is about, the trailer gives you enough to go on but I feel like going into it without really knowing is the best way.

Ewan McGregor, you are the man. I like your style. I like your face. I like your choice in movies (well, except for The Ghost Writer, but that wasn't your fault). But seeing you in I Love You Philip Morris and Miss Potter...Just keep doing what you're doing.

Christopher Plummer. Oh boy, I'm not sure what the world is going to do with you the day you're gone. You were perfect for this role. I honestly believe that no one else could've done it like you. *mass applause*

I think I have a girl crush on Mélanie Laurent. She was fantastic. I actually found myself watching her instead of Ewan in a lot of their scenes. She has this presence that I cannot explain but there is like a magnet in her eyes and you cannot look away. I really loved her in Inglorious Basterds and I really loved her in this too so I cannot wait to see more. Please, let there be MORE!

I loved this movie because I felt connected to Ewan McGregor's character for the entirety of the film. I could relate to about 80% of the things he was feeling and saying and the other 20% was not hard to feel something towards. There were singular sentences in this movie that brought me to tears. Three times actually. I am not a big movie tear fan but I couldn't help it...one single sentence was powerful enough to make me cry. And it happened more than once. Now that is a good movie.

The story may be rough around the edges with a harsh choice on certain edits but the core emotions of the film and the characters was something that I was not really prepared for and thus the water works.

My only complaint is that at some point the story jumped around a little too much for me to be able to put my full attention to what was happening as I was busy trying to figure out when it was happening. It didn't happen enough for it to be annoying but I found it took me away from the film a couple of times.

I loved it. I enjoyed every minute of it. The ending was solid and all the parts before it were golden. The humour was witty and cute and the script along with its characters is powerful.

Big heart. Big.

ps - Best part is that damn, cute, amazing, talented dog. Love it. All of it.


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Super 8 (3.5)

(Watch the Trailer)

A group of friends witness a horrible train accident while filming one of their indie films one night and what they catch on tape will lead them on a wild chase to find out what's really happening in their town.

I liked these kids. I was totally taken back to my childhood when watching them and I thought the casting was fantastic because their connection aka friendships were so believable. Joel Courtney who played the main boy was really good, I think he deserves a sundae and a baseball cap (okay, he's not that young, but you get the point).

The suspense was really good. They slowly showed more and more as the film progressed which kept my eye locked on the screen and my interest peaked. I'm glad that they a)took their time with the surprise b)didn't just shove the surprise in your face and c)that the film didn't stop being interesting once you knew the secret. Wonderfully done.

I know J.J. Abrams loves the whole light rays effect but I felt that it wasn't as successful in this film or needed at all for that matter. It worked wonders in the new Star Trek but it didn't seem to fit along side all the landscapes and small town night scenes. Seemed more distracting to me rather than a cool effect. That being said, that is my only complaint for Abrams, I like what he does. Jolly good show, chap.

This film was like E.T. meets The Goonies meets some crazy sci-fi thriller (don't want to spoil anything so I wont name any names). The adventure and thrills were great and the core group of friends were awesome to watch but the over all story really didn't do it for me. The gaps in the plot really solidified for me when I found myself frowning and almost wanting to laugh in a bad way at the ending. I didn't like the ending and I'm not sure I completely get what everyone's faces were really saying because I felt pieces of the puzzle were missing...but that's just me.

Solid sci-fi, thriller and fantastic adventure. Another good film by Mr. Abrams and the one and only Steven Spielberg.


Monday, June 13, 2011

X-Men: First Class (3.5)

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Looking at the history of X-Men before X-Men became X-Men (say that 10 times fast).

I love the X-Men. I have liked every single one of the movies (yes, even Wolverine). I am not sure why but I find the core of the story really hits home for me...also, mutants and powers are cool. 'Nough said.

I had been looking forward to this movie for a very long time. This film seemed to take it's sweet time coming out and I had to see it. Maybe it was because I was really hoping for something special, the same sort of feeling the first X-Men movie gave me, but regardless I felt like this film was missing something. Not sure what. Maybe bits of the story or a couple of the characters didn't seem interesting at all. Maybe it was the fact that it was the first of many so they needed to lay down a lot of story and I was looking for more epic action. Anyways, I still liked it.

Loved the choice of James McAvoy (Penelope, The Last Station) for Xavier and Michael Fassbender (Inglorious Basterds) for Eric aka Magneto. They were the best part about this movie and although my love for McAvoy runs deep I really felt that Fassbender was the strongest in this film. Really enjoyed watching him and I hope to see him popping up in more films asap.

The action was no all I was hoping for. It wasn't boring, actually the entire movie kept a very solid pace that made the entire movie enjoyable but there was something missing. I needed more pow. A few of the characters didn't impress me and I'm not sure if that was because of the acting or because they were overshadowed by my interest in the characters I already knew from the previous films...who knows.

So besides the fact that it wasn't all I hoped for I had fun watching this movie and thought it was really interesting in terms of knowing the history of certain characters and getting to know them better. They could take this story just about anywhere now and I'm excited to see where they go.

Bonus: Kevin Bacon. Badass. Oh, and Oliver Platt. Niiiice.


The Hangover Part II (4)

(Watch the Trailer)

The epically hilarious comedy is back with even more memorable drunken moments.

While the majority of people I have talked to about this movie and had seen it didn't like it compared to the first one I laughed my ass off! I really enjoyed watching this movie and I found myself laughing just as much in this one than in the first. Of course they brought back some old jokes, it would kind of be lame if they hadn't (at least I think so). Of course it wasn't as original...it's a sequel. Duh. Same characters and everything...what did you really expect? I suppose going into the movie having heard nothing but negative feedback helped me in liking it because I had low expectations. Also the fact that when I went to see the first one in the theatres I didn't really like it as much as everyone else and it took me a few views before I really appreciated it. Who knows why but I loved it and I think it's an amazing summer comedy.

Zach Galifianakis is brilliant (see also Due Date). He really, really, really is. Without him this film would have been 50% less hilarious. I have no idea how he does it but I cannot look at this man at all without snickering to myself. He is hilarious and, in my opinion, the best comedian out there right now. So shut it and love him. If you haven't yet, definitely check out his stand up.

Bradley Cooper I heart you for always and I look forward to each movie you are in. Especially since seeing Limitless...you rock. It helps that you're good looking but even if you weren't I would still heart you. High five. And a beer. Oh ya.

Loved the scene when they first wake up. That is my favourite part of these movies...priceless. Monkey was awesome. Ending was just silly. Photo montage was hilarious as always.

Solid comedy. Just don't go into it thinking it will be better than the first...you know better than that, it's a sequel!



Sorry sorry sorry.

I have been on vacation in the wonderful world of NYC but now I am back and you can all enjoy a sigh of relief and gain some movie knowledge all at the same time.

w00t! :)
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