Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Burbs (3)

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A strange neighbour begins to shake a quite, friendly neighbourhood and cause a few of the people who live there to believe there is more to these strangers than meets the eye. It's up to them to find out what's going on, and they'll stop at nothing to know the truth.

Tom Hanks. You. Are. The. Best. Thing. That. Ever. Happened. Sliced bread's got nothin' on you. The sun's got nothin' on you. The invention of electricity's got nothin' on you. Well, you get the point. You are awesome and I look forward to Tompocalypse. That's right, when everyone turns into Tom Hanks. Oh, it's gonna happen and I will not fight it.

Every character in this movie is wacko. There was every stereotypical, American style person in the neighbourhood within this film. At some moments it's always so true that it's not funny...but I still laughed (because I'm a sick person, don't tell anyone). Really though, sometimes the characters were just too messed up and random and weird for me to really find them funny. It was just confusing sometimes. And sad. Mostly sad. Ya.

The general plot is...lame. The whole story doesn't matter at all...the only reason to really want this movie unless you love Corey Feldman being, well, just Corey, is Tom Hanks. He is awesome. This movie should just be called "Tom Hanks is Awesome So Just Watch It and Laugh".

The ending was just so bizarre and turns rather scary right at the end. It's a comedy and silly and than BAM it's a horror movie. I kind of liked it like that, so weird and so unexpected. Did I mention weird?

Great late night Friday movie that you can watch and like and then forget except you wont because it's Tom Hanks but that's all you'll really need to remember anyways.

Watch The Money Pit first.

3/5 (2 of those 3 are for Tom Hanks)

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  1. I adored the Burbs. I thought it was the best 80s dark comedy hands-down.

    Hanks' best role.


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