Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Green Lantern (3)

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A pilot is chosen by a mystical ring to become a member of a force that help maintain peace throughout the universe.

I've always liked Ryan Reynolds (The Proposal, Buried, Waiting). Every time I watch one of his movies I blab on and on about how he can do no wrong and he is awesome (because he is), but I'm not sure the superhero movies are really for him. Don't get me wrong, this guy can do action and he can do it well but the super hero gig just wasn't working for him. Maybe it was just this character but he did a good job, all things considering, but it could've been better. I still heart you. I still liked you and I really don't know who could have played this better than you...mostly because I have no idea who suits it...where's Tom Cruise (I joke, I joke).

I like Peter Sarsgaard (An Education, Garden State). I liked his creepy villain-ness in this movie. He made me giggle a little because they made him look so weird but I thought he did well playing the evil scientist character. Well done.

The action was okay. It was more about good effects and imagination rather than fist-to-face style fighting. It was more about flying around and creating different ways of defeating the enemy without even having to touch them. Different, interesting, but it just wasn't enough for what I was expecting from an action flick.

This movie just...was. It was entertaining and amusing at times but mostly the action was average along with everything else. Enjoyed watching it and would see it again but I'm not going to be waiting around the the DVD to come out; if the chance came to watch it I would but I wont be going out of my way to see it again.

This movie was definitely a summer blockbuster/action flick. It wasn't made to rock your world or change your life but what it will do is keep you entertained, or if even that fails, the air conditioning in the theatre will keep you cool.


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