Monday, June 27, 2011

Transformers: Dark of the Moon (3.5)

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The evil aliens are trying to take over earth again and the good aliens need to help the humans from that happening. Fact.

I was less impressed with Shia this time around...maybe my love for him is finally starting to fade....naw, it wasn't really his fault. I was generally less interested in, well, general this time. He was still hilarious and I loved his funny freak out moments. That man can make funny faces and I like it. He's so good at the action stuff too and I know he does all the stunts they will let him and I saw some cool stuff. Way to go star.

Blonde, I mean Rosie Huntington-Whiteley...Yaaaa. More annoying than Megan Fox. Way more. She stood around just to look sexy more than Megan ever pretended to. At least Megan fixed cars and fought aliens and didn't run in high heels for the ENTIRE movie. What the hell were you doing?! So stupid. Sucks to be her in fake and real life. I mean, how can you save the world when you can't even run?! Annoying. Also, put those lips away please. Kthanks.

I was surprised to see that the main characters were a bit of a let down this time around and the newly introduced or one-scene-only characters had some of the best lines. I still do love most of the returning cast but some of them I am very tired off aka the soldiers. Sorry Josh Duhamel and etc., there is only so much uber American pride I can handle in 120 minutes. I missed Sam's parents though, they are hilarious characters. At least they were in it for a little bit and I laughed harder when they were around. Ohhh parents.

Speaking of 120 minutes, this movie seemed looong. It didn't help that nothing really happens in the first 30 of those 120 minutes...actually, it was probably close to 140 minutes. Anyways, the fun doesn't start until half way through which is just about the time that I started to lean my head harder on my hand in boredom. Alas, you can't win them all, I just really didn't care about the romance/drama/unnecessary information they decided to clog the script with. Don't need it, sorry, you don't. I don't need to feel connected to Blonde nor do I care about Sam being employed.

Story was meh. I guess compared to the second film it was way better but the way they decided to fill it out aka through characters and little plot pusher moments was weak and didn't keep me interested. The action was solid though; Michael Bay knows his action. Alien robot battles are awesome. Always. End.

I thought the 3D was awesome. I didn't like how they molded into the whole Battle:LA scenario for a short while. That was unoriginal. I did like the idea at first but then it didn't go deep enough for me. I think I saw a Doctor Who episode that was almost exactly like the end of this movie...basically, I wasn't overly impressed with the imagination used in creating a new scenario this time around. At least I like Egypt and liked looking at Egypt in the last one (by the way, the reason why I am not referring to the first movie is because it is awesome and you all know it).

Alright. Enough rambling. Good summer blockbuster action flick with some hot chick who runs in heels and Shia being himself and a lot of slow motion, epic pans with American flags in the background. Also, alien fights that are awesome and also slow motion but even more awesome because they are slow motion...

You get the picture.


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