Monday, July 4, 2011

Between the Folds (4)

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Most of us have done this ancient art form when we were children, or some may still do it for fun, but what about those people who do it full-time? Scientists, artists and enthusiasts world wide come together in this documentary about the modern life of origami artists.

Thank you Netflix for this delicious gem. It's short and sweet and a wonderful film to watch. I had no idea paper could fold, bent and move in such beautiful ways. I also never took into consideration how mathematical and scientific folding is and how it is found in every single thing we look at. Very cool. The art is just the beginning...

I liked the people they chose to interview. I enjoyed the layout of the film, almost as if allowing you (the audience member) the chance to discover all these sides of origami on your own. I thought it was strangely powerful even though it didn't necessarily make me want to become an origami artist or start folding everything I see, but for some reason it resonated with me.

Only annoyance was the unnecessary zoom on peoples faces during interviews. I wanted to see the entire person as they worked and spoke so I could make out their physical character and better attach my attention to their movements and therefore focus on their hands and arms as they worked. Didn't happen all the time but enough that I got distracted.

Solid documentary and very interesting. Lovely, simple, original and straight to the point. Well done Vanessa Gould.

Okay, maybe I do want to go fold things.


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