Saturday, July 23, 2011

Cars 2 (3.5)

(Watch the Trailer)

I know I keep giving all these movies 3.5/5 recently but it's because they keep missing that little extra bang to get them to 4 but are still very enjoyable and worth a watch: that is Cars 2 in a nut shell.

I liked how they added the whole spy thing to it and I had a lot of fun watching but I felt a lot more disconnected to this movie than I was in the first one. I know that it was because the old characters who we got to love weren't really in it all that much but it was also because the whole plot and concept behind this one wasn't very close to heart...and I'm still wondering if the message was positive for kids or not. Can't decide, couldn't tell which way they were going at the end there. Eye brow raising worthy but I let it go after a solid 1 minute of thought.

The racing is still exciting even though it's little animated, talking cars. The action was a little better but the characters and a bit of the humour was lost (in my opinion).

Still good. Still fun. Still a great kids movie...just not as good as the first.

I hope the message was the positive side and not a weird brain washing movie for kids...


Bonus: Michael Caine. He's even cool as a car. Awesome.


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