Thursday, July 21, 2011

Horrible Bosses (3.5)

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Three friends hate their bosses and decide that the only way to get ride of them is to get ride of them for good.

I wasn't sure if I was going to go see this movie because it looked like either it was going to suck or it was going to be funny but the the first one would be more true. I don't usually put a lot of faith into summer comedies because it's summer and they know people want something silly and entertaining so they are usually just cash grabs.

This one was pretty good. I will admit to laughing pretty constantly for the majority of this film and I had a great time seeing it with my friend; I think she laughed even more than I did.

There were a lot of really amazing scenes that just never stopped being funny. Of course the story is flawed and they push the plot forward for no reasons sometimes but they have to move the movie along some how. The main idea is kind of funny and I thought Kevin Spacey, Colin Farrell (The Way Back, In Bruges) and Jennifer Aniston (Just Go With It) did a great job being evil in their own ways. Actually, I couldn't even believe Colin Farrell...he is surprising me these days. Kevin Spacey was actually really scary in this movie and I am glad he is not my boss.

Jason Bateman was pretty funny although I think the trophy has to go to Charlie Day on this one. I don't know if it was his squeaky voice or his cuteness but I found him the most hilarious out of everyone. The least impressive was Jason Sudeikis...he just, wasn't as hilarious as I wanted him to be.

So, it's a summer comedy but there are some really good moments and a lot of ridiculous scenes and I had a great time watching it. From what I hear, it's way better than Bad Teacher although I haven't seen it yet I'm sure your better bet is with Horrible Bosses.


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