Monday, July 18, 2011

Hunger (4)

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2008 Irish drama directed by Steve McQueen and based on the true story of Irish Republican hunger striker Bobby Sands during the last six weeks of his life.

At first I wasn't sure what to think of this movie. The topic was very interesting to me. I always enjoy real life dramas, especially relating to politics around the world. This was something that I obviously heard about seeing how it was happening in the 1980's but I really had no idea how intense the situation really was.

Michael Fassbender. You are amazing. It was strange at first that the story was about you yet they didn't really focus on you until almost 1/3 way through the film but it was probably because they knew that as soon as people saw you that you would be the only thing they would care to see. This performance was insane and I can't believe that it was really him. That handsome, British man from Inglorius Basterds turns into this political prisoner who starves himself to death. Crazy. Loved him to pieces, he really made this movie.

Everyone else in it, like I stated above, was not as interesting yet the supporting roles were all very strong. In fact, there wasn't an ounce of lazy acting in this entire film...I wish it would've been longer so I could see more interaction regarding the other characters but alas it was not so and probably would've took the story too far away from the main point.

Favourite scene and one of the strongest scenes I think I have ever watched in the history of watching movies was between Michael Fassbender (Bobby) and the priest when he comes to the prison. There, dead locked on them, never tilting or scanning or zooming, is a shot of them sitting at a table with nothing but prison walls and cigarettes. Suddenly the most powerful and natural conversation starts and doesn't stop for 15 minutes. I mean it, solid, one shot, nothing but the script and the characters and a table between them. I think I started to sweat. It was so natural and just flowed yet the topic was powerful and it just seems so real.


That scene and Fassbender is reason to watch this movie.

I was only confused by the fact that Fassbender wasn't even in the movie until later and then they just literally throw him in and then expect you to know what is happening. As someone who didn't know what had happened in Ireland at the time I found myself trying to play catch-up when there was nothing to follow. One minute I think I should be paying attention to one character and the next it's someone else...other than that, solid movie.

ps- This is a Criterion Film.


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