Monday, July 18, 2011

Kung Fu Panda 2 (3.5)

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The hilarious kids comedy returns with every one's favourite fighting panda.

I watched the first movie back in the day because I loved Jack Black and all that he did was hilarious. I had no idea that the movie would be as fun and hilarious as it was and the second one was just as enjoyable! I know, sequels are scary these days because they are made as money grabs but every now and again there is light at the end of the sequel tunnels and this one was good (in my opinion).

I liked the story just as much this time around and the fighting was even better seeing how the panda had training since the last movie took place. It's funny, even though it's a kids movie and hilarious the action is actually really well done. I was thoroughly enjoying the fight scenes. The laughs were not as intense as in the first movie but they made up for that by having some cool action scenes. A fighting panda...I mean, come on. Awesome.

In terms of kids movies this is really cool and for all you parental units out there I found that there were a lot of positive messages hidden amongst the fighting and jokes. The fact that I noticed that this time around is actually a good thing, means that they didn't just stick them there because they felt they should, a good story wraps around a clear message about accepting who you are. It's a win win win win scenario.

Jack Black, you may be making less than amazing movies lately but you still rock as a panda.


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