Monday, July 25, 2011

Priest (3)

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A post apocalypse/future world was almost destroyed by a war between humans and the vampires but a band of priest, the ultimate warriors, win the battle and save mankind. Years later an attack on a family brings about the realization that the vampires are coming back...but why and how? Only one man has the courage and the faith to find the truth.

I love Paul Bettany(The Tourist, Legion, The Young Victoria). He is perfect for those types of roles. I know that by choosing them time and again though that people don't notice how amazing of an actor he is but I don't care, I think he is great and if he wanted to he could blow any character out of the water...but why would he when he can have fun instead. Can't blame the guy, I bet all his movies are fun as hell to make.

Cam Gigandet, mostly recognized as James from the first Twilight movie, was decent as a supporting actor. I wasn't overly impressed but it's hard to live up to Bettany in any scene so I'll give him credit for trying. His whole western, American-ness was a little out of place at times compared to the entire look and feel that I thought the movie was aiming for but hey, everyone likes guns in action movies so someone had to be the gun guy. I also saw him in The Experiment and Easy A but I don't really remember him standing out at all. MEh.

Karl Urban (Red) as a sexy vampire cowboy x-priest was interesting. I always like Karl, not only because anyone who had anything to do with the Lord of the Rings movies can do no wrong in my books, but because he is good at what he does. Rock on Karl.

I really enjoyed the whole comic book, post-Apocalypse, futuristic, sci-fi vibe to this movie. I thought they did a great job of merging all of the sub-genres into one entertaining and original story but the over-all delivery was weak. The movie hopped around more than the vampires do in the movies, some scenes sometimes felt like they were just chucked in there to clear up any confusion before rocketing the story forward as fast as they could and then filled the extra time with action. I love action and some of the fighting was really cool with some interesting weaponry but...over all, it was weak.

Paul Bettany, the fighting, Karl Urban as a vampire and a good looking sci-fi movie come close to awesome but doesn't quiet make the cut. Still a cool movie.


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