Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Arthur (1)

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The 2011 re-make starring Russel Brand about a rich man who falls in love with a stranger that his parents don't approve of.

Awful. I laughed once and it was because of something Helen Mirren said and not anyone else.

Russel Brand (Get Him to the Greek)...I respect you in real life but not in the movies. You are funny now and then but nothing that makes me run to your movies to see them but rather wait until I can see them for free. This movie was not entirely your fault because when you were sad I was laughing due to the fact that any spoiled billionaire who cries over some strange girl he barely talked to and he just met makes me laugh. Your sad face is actually pretty funny.

Helen Mirren (RED, The Last Station) is the woMAN and I am sad about her being a part of such garbage. Without her in this movie it actually would've been a no rating from me. Thank you for that M'Lady.

Jennifer Garner (Ghosts of Girlfriends Past, The Invention of Lying). You can go away now. I liked you before, although now that I try to think about it I can't remember why, but now every time I see you in a movie you are the exact same but with different lines and clothing. Least impressive thing about this movie. I think you need something new or move onto something else.

The story wasn't something I was really interested in so that has a lot to do with my "this sucks" review. Honestly, I cannot feel sorry for a grown man who was spoiled his whole life and has all this money and then gets upset when he has to be responsible for his actions and then oh, what's that, 'falls in love with' some slightly nerdy girl who he doesn't know?! And he can't get her! Oh...oh sad. NO! Not sad. Get over yourself you lame man of a person. Jesus!

Sorry. I'll stop. can be funny but you are just awkward physically but I want to like you so I will keep trying. Jennifer was awful but Helen Mirren was the glue that attempted to stick to this crap script on a hot summers day but failed.

...I really did not like this movie and am glad I only slightly paid attention to it when it hit the one hour mark.

I hope other people find it funny because I just don't understand.

1/5 (for Helen)

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