Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Captain America: The First Avenger (4)

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A boy who never knows when to quit becomes America's final defence and first avenger against the real pending doom during the second World War. Will he be strong enough?

I really liked Chris Evans in this movie. I hadn't paid all that much attention to him before now. I have seen a few of his movies but I wasn't particularly picking him out from the I will. There was definitely something about him and I'm not sure if it is just him as Captain America but I have a funny feeling that that wasn't entirely it. He was great with the comedy, drama and action within this film and I cannot wait to see him in another role and as Captain America in the future.

Hugo Weaving, you do not get enough credit for anything you do. I love this man in every role I see him in and think that he has a real talent. He was great as the villain in this movie and I thought his make-up added the rest that he could not but I thought he was flawless.

I couldn't call myself a Captain America fan so to speak but I do always love comic book films. I'm not sure why, maybe besides sci-fi it is the ultimate escape for me or maybe it's also because comic book to film movies always seem to have a collection of genres bunched together to make them. Sci-fi, comedy, drama, action and even a little romance. Can't complain about a little genre merging for all your entertainment needs.

The action at first left more to be desired in my opinion, but once things got rolling and you pass that one hour bump everything just seems to click and start flowing the the action is amazing. Also, at that point you start really wanting Captain America to win so I found myself really into his every move hoping he makes it through.

I did like how it wasn't all America America Rah-Rah-Rah...well, it was a bit, but he IS Captain America after all, but I thought they did a great job of balancing character to story and really did a great job focusing on the war rather than specific countries.

While the action took awhile to start up and my connection to any one character took the entire length of the film to really formulate, I still really enjoyed myself when watching this movie. I thought the story was way more interesting than I ever thought it could be and that Chris Evans did a great job. That being said, there were obvious gaps here and there and some slow points but it's the start to another series of awesome, hero, action-ness. Woohooo!

Now we just have to wait for The Avengers. *nerd sigh*


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