Sunday, August 14, 2011

Cowboys & Aliens (3.5)

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New Jon Favreau sci-fi western film.

Cowboys fight aliens and try to defeat them and get their people back before it's too late.

I had been excited for this movie since the first teaser trailer waaay back in the day. Harrison Ford as a cowboy fighting aliens. Ummm, YUP! Delicious. Sadly with so many amazing movies coming out I had to put off seeing this one until about an hour ago and...

I'm a little disappointed.

Maybe it's the classic case of being so excited and wanting it to be so awesome that it could never amount to the coolness that you wanted it to be or, maybe, it just wasn't so good. I'm gonna go with a little from both sides.

Daniel Craig was his classic self. Not much emotion, no smiles (I don't think) and just walking like a 'real man' around the whole time with tight pants and an unbuttoned shirt. Not really impressed with him this time but then again I haven't really been overly impressed with him to date but he does the action movies and so, that's what he does. Meh.

Harrison Ford (Extrodinary Measures) was not in this as much as I wanted him to be and when he was he never said much and when he did they either made his character a whiney idiot or a way too bad ass to handle life kinda character. It sucked though because he is the man so I wont hold this against him.

Okay. The aliens. I don't know about anyone else but as a sci-fi and general alien movie fan I always look forward to seeing what the aliens look like. They created some cool parts of these aliens but over all I felt like I had seen them before. I've read that the design was a merge of Alien and Predator but I didn't see that either...I saw trolls with stomach arms and weird claws. I guess they seemed more monster than alien to me. Still, some cool effects.

Did not like the ending. They should've just left the ending with the house and not the town, that just seemed like a double ending. Also, where the hell was he going? He had nothing and no one and just rode into the sun. That worked for John Wayne and Eastwood but not Daniel Craig. Just didn't make sense to me.

And the girl that was what she was...sort of lame. Like the humans couldn't have ever figured it out? She didn't even really help at all...useless. But she looked pretty. Can't just have a bunch of guys on horses for 2 hours any more I guess. Sigh.

Anyways, I am complaining because I wanted more from this movie but it was still interesting and there were some good shot-em-up scenes and fights and Daniel Craig wasn't all bad and Harrison Ford can never do no wrong.

Decent and entertaining.


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  1. Nice review! I was totally turned off by a few things, first, that I had no idea what the aliens wanted gold for, and second, the corny dialogue ("I've always dreamed of riding into battle with you" then "I've always dreamed of having a son like you." Yuck.)There were some cool effects though, that's about all this one had going for it, I'd give it a 2/5 probably.


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