Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Crazy Stupid Love (4)

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A man goes to a bar after his wife asks for a divorce and he finds a player who is willing to take him under his wing to help him find his manhood again. What they both discover in the end isn't what either of them were expecting. Is there such thing as soul mates?

The Gos. The Gos. The Gos.

Ryan Gosling is the bomb (Blue Valentine). I already knew he was the bomb and love love love him in everything he does but it was really great to see him in a role like this. I thought he was fantastic and stole the show in most of the scenes. I loved everything about his character and the only thing I didn't like is when he wasn't around as much near the end of the movie. Sigh.

Steve Carell, you rock my socks ( Dinner For Schmucks, Despicable Me, Date Night). I wasn't sure how you were going to handle this movie but you nailed it. I really don't know what else to say, because that says it all. You were the perfect choice and you did not let down.

I think this is the first time in awhile that I liked Julianne Moore. I don't know why, I respect her a lot and she has done some great work, but sometimes I just find her too much for me. No idea why or really how to explain it, but regardless I enjoyed her in this movie.

I want to be best friends with Emma Stone ( Easy A). She cracks me up like no other. I have so far liked her in every single movie I have seen her in. She kicks ass and takes names and I would give her mine. Her with Ryan was amazing and I want it to happen in real life too so they make perfect babies. Just sayin.

I liked everything about this movie, especially the cast and how they worked together, up until the climax. I did NOT see that coming and judging by the reaction from the entire audience they didn't either but then it forced the movie to pull out of the tone it was taking up until that point and just got plain silly, more silly than before, and then it couldn't seem to calm back down and settle into the story again. I honestly had a hard time being fully interested in the last 20 minutes of the movie because the climax pulled me so far out of the nice little nest of story, love and character and I just couldn't get back into it.

The ending was cheese but not as bad as the pre-ending monologue which I found strangely uncomfortable and awkward more than heart wrenching and emotional. I don't know, there was no coming back from that climax. It was great and a surprise but then it ruined it all.

If the ending was different I would really love this movie but alas I only loved it up until that point. Every scene with Gosling and Carell was priceless and I thought the comedy verse in depth story was really well balanced and I really enjoyed watching this movie.

Until the end.

The end.


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