Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Fright Night (4)

(Watch the Trailer)

The original 1985 Tom Hollard film.

A horror obsessed teenaged boy gets a new neighbour who moves in with what looks like a coffin. It doesn't take him long to realize he is a vampire but with the discovery comes a whole new danger to him and the people he loves.

I love old horror flicks. They didn't have all the computer crap that floods most horror films these days and in a way that makes it all the more believable and enjoyable to watch. In this film the use of make-up on the vampires and the props/puppets made were amazing and made it more real to me. Yes, this was more of a comedy horror type movie, but it was still great to see these things really come alive. Who doesn't love a good monster? And man, that chick was REALLY scary looking. *shiver*

I am not a horror buff but I really enjoy vampire movies, books and what not yet this was the first time I have ever heard of the vampires being able to change into bats AND wolves. Crazy. I'm not sure where that idea came from and it was kind of interesting to see...first time I've heard of that side of the whole 'myth'.

The acting in this is just what you would expect it to be. It's perfect for the tone the movie was going for and I can totally see why this became such a cult horror film. It was fun, funny, scary, sexy and a little bit different. To be honest, I really liked the story and I felt like there wasn't a lot of time wasted with filler like random romance or any of that normal horror movie garabage. It just cuts right to it and doesn't stop until the epic ending. Awesome. Still, this is not supposed to be taken serious. Just so you know.

I heart vampire movies. And fun horror, especially anything from the 80s or early 90s and this one was beyond fantastic!


Note: This movie was recently re-made with Colin Farrel, and my favourite Doctor, David Tennant. It's set for release on August the 19th in Canada and looks promising but definitely different than the original but it's that always the case now...anywho, check out the trailer.


  1. Pretty keen to see this one. That and the new Total Recall.

  2. I've seen them filming the new Total Recall around Toronto these past few weeks and I hope they do a good job...I love that movie and don't want them to mess with it. Same goes for the new Fright Night but David Tennant is in it so it's gotta be good. haha

  3. Fright Night was one of my favourite vampire movies when I was a kid. I have high hopes for the remake - good cast - but I can't help but feel infected by some of my usual remake malaise.

    I want more original stories!

    As for Total Recall, same story, different day. It can't be much worse an adaptation of Dick's novella tan the Schwarzenegger version but I've heard it doesn't cleave very closely to Dick's story either.

    I'll generally give an adaptation of a Dick story the time of day because of Blade Runner (I'm a huge Dick fan and Blade Runner, while not the same as the book, did justice to Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep) but I've been burned before.

    (Looking at YOU A Scanner Darkly)

    Keep us posted meeknotweak!

  4. Totally hear you on all of the above Simon. While I would desire anything original from Hollywood over a re-make I will take what I get and hope that sometimes re-makes at least create a new window and more opportunities for original ideas within new and popular gengres to get picked up if new crowds like what they see...but sadly that does not happen enough.

    Come August 19 I will let you know if Hollywood has failed or not via the Fright Night remake. Fingers crossed!


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