Monday, August 22, 2011

Fright Night (4.5)

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You may have read my review about the 1985 original cult film by the same title but this is the 2011 remake!

I liked this new version even more than the original but if you hadn't seen the original you would probably have no idea that there was one. This movie was very different but they actually succeeded in making it better by changing some key flaws from the first film.

First: More gore. There was WAY more blood and fighting in this movie than the original and the fighting was way less cheesy which made me take it more seriously as a horror film rather than a cult favourite. Second: The change with every character and the role they played was different yet it made more sense this way for some reason. Especially David Tennant's chracter, the fact that he had more of a past made him all the more real. Third: the history and weapons. Someone put a lot of love, time and passion into creating the new back story to this movie. Once again, Tennant's character was a weapons collector and they tied that part of him really well into the movie.

Everything just made sense and was less funny and ridiculous and more scary and meaningful. Loved it.

Anton Yelchin was wicked as the lead in this film. I heart this man. He was more bad ass and far more believable than in the original film. He seemed less panic stricken and more kick ass than ever before...also, he just rocks.

David Tennant made this film (see also the best Hamlet that there ever was). I don't know if it's just because I heart him and all he does especially since being The Doctor in Doctor Who but I really really loved his character and everything about him. The back story was awesome and his general additude was attractive to me as an audience member. I found I was watching him over Yelchin in some scenes. Fantastic. Big hearts David.

Colin Farrell (Horrible Bosses, In Bruges) isn't my favorite but he was great as this mysterious vampire guy. I thought he did a great job of being serious and yet bad and creepy at the same time. Nothing to really complain about here except he wasn't as awesome as the other two. End of discussion.

The only thing I really didn't like about the movie was that they made it a lot more high school like. Meaning more scenes were at the school and near the beginning a lot of the characters they first introduce are high school students who in the end don't matter at all. The chick was pretty annoying but she was in high school and a blonde in a VW bug so you can't really blame the actor there.

Still, solid horror film and a complete surprise. I thought it would be cheese, lame and bad acting but it was gore, thrilling and comepletely entertaining. I don't know, I really liked it and think it's a great addiction to the vampire/horror collection.

See it! It's not just a summer flick.


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  1. "Everything just made sense and was less funny and ridiculous and more scary and meaningful."



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