Sunday, August 14, 2011

Hesher (4)

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A boy loses his mother in a car accident and watches as his life falls apart. One day he meets Hesher and his life changes forever.

I am a huge Joseph Gordon-Levitt fan. I have liked him in every movie I have seen, from 500 Days of Summer to Brick to Inception, he is fantastic in every roll and I love what he does. This movie was no exception. He made this movie. I cannot even understand how he can take hold of a character and completely change himself so easily. He is fantastic and I cannot wait to see how far he goes and where his career ends up. I hope he sticks around for a long time. I mean, even his eyes look different as this character. I just...AH! So good. So disturbed. So awesome.

The kid aka Devin Brochu was pretty good. He wasn't one of those child actors who you can tell cannot act yet for some reason it's okay because they are a kid. Not an excuse and he was great and it's not easy to hold your own when you are next to JGL, Natalie Portman and Rainn Wilson.

Rainn Wilson wasn't in this movie all that much and to be honest I think he is funny sometimes but I don't really get all the hype. He just always seems to have that same blank face and awkwardness that I can't see past but he showed a different side in this movie and I liked where he was going...just needs a little more.

Natalie Portman was strangely not so impressive in this movie. He character was basically the same physicality than in Garden State but she had different clothes and seemed slightly more messed up. Still, I think is one of the first times that I wasn't stunned by her in a film. Meh.

The story is dark but it's also funny. This is a dark comedy and the drama comes first so don't expect piles of laughs. Disturbing things happen and I feel it borders on the line of thriller/horror at some points but nothing too too crazy. It's deep and dark but also funny at times. Perfect merge of two genres. Hurray!

Ending was weird but made sense. Joseph is the bomb. I loved it and it's one of my new favs. I really liked the grandma and this strange connection you get with everyone yet at the same time not understand them at all. Hard to explain. I liked every moment of it.


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