Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I Saw the Devil (4)

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2010 Korean horror film.

A secret agent finds his wife brutally murdered and swears to revenge her death, but revenge isn't also as easy as it seems.

Min-sik Choi (Lady Vengeance, Old Boy)was scary good in this movie. He played such an awful character and I didn't once not believe it. Not much more I want to say about it because he was good but so disturbing and just...ew. Ya. Also so great to see this guy on screen, he rocks this genre!

Byung-hun Lee ( G.I. Joe) was amazing! This guy can really act! This is one of the main and most important differences between American horror and Asian horror: the people can actually act and act well. Not only that but this guy totally kick ass in this movie, literally. So good.

If you don't already know, Korean horror never holds back. In American movies and most other horror when the camera turns away or is just covered in blood so you can't see what is really happening Korea freeze frames it or zooms in right when it happens. You. See. Everything. While for some that is too much for me it makes it more realistic is. They are the pros at effects in every way. While the scares are a little less than just the gruesome scenes they really perfect thriller/suspense stories and this movie nailed it.

I also like how they don't make the women to be ultra stupid in low cut shirts while walking in the rain. These women fight for their lives and don't just trust random men who ask if they need a ride. Once again, realistic.

A little long but since it was the story was really complete and the holes were filled. I loved this movie and it just feeds my statement that Korea owns when it comes to horror movies.

Don't watch if you can't handle the serious rated R horror.


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