Monday, August 8, 2011

Midnight in Paris (4.2)

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A man and his fiance go to Paris to spend time with her parents but when the husband to be decides to wander the streets alone at night he finds himself in an entirely different place and in the life he always dreamt of living.

Finally, I understand the hype behind Woody Allen. Finally, after years and years of trying I have finally watched something that I could relate to, enjoy and connect with. Now I have new reasons to go back and watch some more of his earlier work that got rave reviews. I'm just thankful that I got it because I thought I was going crazy for awhile there...

Owen Wilson, I have always been a fan and when I heard about all the personal stuff he was going through I was worried but he is back and he is better than ever and really rocked the serious role. Just as charming, funny and strangely striking as he always was but with just a little extra spice that I couldn't identify but it was there. Can't wait for more from this man.

Rachel McAdams (Sherlock Holmes, The Time Traveler's Wife)...I enjoy you, most of the time, but I really and honestly feel like you are the same character in every movie. You make the same facial expressions, same reactions, same laugh and physical presence...I'm getting rather bored with you. You were meh and not really in this movie much and that was for the best, do something really new and different already so I don't completely forget why I liked you in the first place.

I am really starting to enjoy Marion Cotillard. She played Leonardo DiCaprio's wife in Inception and I really enjoyed her in that and I really enjoyed her in this film. Hope she keeps popping up in amazing movies because I dig her.

The story starts off a bit rocky and I started to think it was just going to be another boring Woody Allen where nothing happens and you just sit there wondering if you are missing something...then bam! Midnight hits and it all changes. I really think Owen Wilson carried this entire movie, I'm not sure I would've liked it as much if he wasn't in it. The story is interesting and I enjoyed the romance behind it all and the strange sci-fi-ish direction it took now and again. Characters were enjoyable and meeting all the people from the past was cool. I thought the story really supported the cast and vice versa (if that makes sense to you).

I liked the ending but found the break off the be weird (no spoilers) and also the end of the other was just, over. That was it. Strange. Also I felt like the story kept trying to dig too deep at strange times when it should've tried to stay on it's course so you didn't stray away from having full attention on the characters. There were some amazing lines, scenes and character connections that had me glued to the screen and once I was in I was in until the credits rolled. Fantastic.

Bonus: Adrien Brody ( The Brothers Bloom, The Experiment). Yes, please, always, thanks. AND Kathy Bates. Lovely as always, even if your part was small.

I can finally say that I like a Woody Allen movie and if you read my review about my last attempt you will understand why this movie is amazing as it is; I am newly converted.


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