Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Shrine (3)

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2010 horror film about these journalists who try to research a series of missing persons reports in a small town in Poland.

Since I've discovered the awesomeness that is foreign horror I am a lot more harsh on American horror but with that being said it is because they pale in comparison to any Asian made horror film in all aspects. Acting, story, gore, thrill and suspense.

This movie actually had an interesting story, the main core plot was interesting to me so I actually wanted to watch this entire movie so that I could find out what was going on in the town. While the person I was watching with knew what was happening within the first 30 minutes I sat in my ignorance and enjoyed the ride until the end. It was still pretty cheesey but that's what you can expect with American horror.

Acting was pretty terrible. Classic, once again. I mean some of the supporting roles were decent but nothing close to caring to talk about.

The gore was few and far between and they seemed to spend more time building up this story that was already a bit obvious so at times it was boring. also the stupid factor of everyone reaches all time highs during the movie. For instance, STICK TOGETHER PEOPLE. Really, come on, who walks into a forest filled with fog all alone and then when the person goes missing goes in alone again?! That's not horror, that's stupid.

Some scenes were gruesome and scary but mostly it was kind of cool and then lame again. They tried's not the worst horror I've ever seen and was a solid start to a horror movie mini-marathon.


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