Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Biutiful (4)

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A medium and single parent father finds out that he has cancer and only months left to live. While not being sure if he is ready to die he also becomes desperate for money in order to provide for his children once he is gone. Sometimes lose ends cannot be tied yet sometimes an end is the beginning to a fresh start.

Javier Bardem is awesome. While I am not one of the majority who thinks he is this ultra Spanish hunk, I honestly think he has a lot of talent and picks roles that really appeal to him. This was no easy character to play and I thought he handled all the layers to this man in the story. The emotions and pressure was really felt and you could see it in his face while the movie progresses. Gotta love when actors fully give themselves over to a role.

I thought the story was interesting. The core heart of it has been done before; the family that's rough around the edges and a parent who struggles to provide for them. Yet, this movie had a lot more going on that was weaving itself into the main plot while not distracting the viewer from the main course of the film. The whole psychic/medium thing, the connection with ethnic groups and the background of the father as a whole. So many layers to the story but I found that it kept me interested while the drama built and built and the movie became more dark and emotional, which was a good thing.

I liked the ending of this movie a lot. It gave me goosebumps. That being said though I felt that something was missing. I'm not sure if it was because I wasn't satisfied with the lack of information on Bardem's character and my desire to get to know him better or if through translation (there are subtitles) that I missed the meaning of a lot of the unexplained happenings...no idea. I just, wanted something else.

Glad I finally got around to seeing this and I completely understand why it got so much hype last year and why Javier got extra gold stars from the film community. Well done.


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