Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Help (4.5)

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A white woman comes home to Jacksonville and realizes how bad the situation is really getting between white families and their help. She decides to write a book from the perspective of the help but she soon finds out that there is more at stake than there seems and how much worse everything could get.

Emma Stone was great in this movie and it was so SO good to see her in a lead role. I have such a girl crush on her and I think she is really talented and the real deal and I cannot wait to see what else she does. She handled the seriousness of this movie while still having that sassy, slightly nerdy charm that she always has. I heart her and thought she did an amazing job!

Viola Davis and Octavia Spencer were fantastic in this movie. Octavia has some great facial expressions that added an extra flare to her over all sass. Viola was great s the shy yet angry character she was meant to be and I thought she nailed every emotional change and powerful scene was ease and perfection. A great cast, they all worked so well together.

This story is deep and powerful, I deifnitely was tearing up on a few occasions and I thought the pace of the movie was a perfect coupling to the consistent introduction of infromation and the build of tension during the film. The extra touch of comedy was even better for making the movie not overbearingly sad which helped in keeping your focus on the people instead of making the movie about peoples over all rights. Although, they deifnitely did a good job of that too, but the connection with the characters is what makes this movie different and in my opinion stronger than your average civil rights films.

Very well done. A wonderful cast merges with a strong script to create many powerful moments that will not soon be forgotten.


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