Sunday, September 11, 2011

The House Bunny (1.5)

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An orphan is taken in as a bunny in the playboy mansion but one day recieves a letter that she has to leave immediately. Now homeless, she stumbles upon a university and realizes that those sororities are just like at the mansion so she joins one and tries to stop it from being shut down.

Ya. I watched this movie. I know what you're thinking: Why?! I wasn't entirely sure except that I mentioned to a coworker my love of Emma Stone and she asked if I had seen this movie and that sure it was awful but also humourous via how stupid it is.

So I watched it and I must say that I did laugh more than once but that didn't outweigh the...well, the everything else.

Comedy was generally good, I had no idea that it was a Happy Madison film so you know what you are getting yourself into from the start but for me the playboy humour and all the tits and ass was not funny but just kind of gross to be watching for my date night with myself movie. Weird.

Emma Stone (Crazy Stupid Love, Easy A) is the best thing about this movie and plays the nerd girl turned sexy really well. Anna Farris who played the main chick and the bunny was, well, she looked the part and was stupid enough for it so ya that worked. She was almost too convincing and it made me sad on the inside.

Seeing Colin Hanks in this was a surprise because he is awesome and he wasn't in it all that much so that was cool too. Just seemed weird when a legit actor sort of entered the scene and acted like a smart person. haha Ohhh this movie. Sorry, it's just ridiculous. Any senitmental moments or emotional lines just made me laugh oh so hard.

The story is ridiculous but listen it's totally a chick flick and it wasn't as bad as it seemed. I mean, it's very forgetful but I actually laughed pretty hard during the movie on many occasions but the over all story just, it well, it's stupid and I couldn't see past that. It's the same people who made Legally Blonde so you know what to expect.

The ending is brutal.

Hurray Emma Stone.


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