Thursday, October 13, 2011

Catfish (4)

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Nev gets a painting in the mail one day of one of his photographs. The girl who painted it is a 9 year old named Abby. Abby's mom is Angela. Her dad is Vince. Her half-sister is Megan. Megan and Nev start talking on the phone and after 8 months Nev and his friends decide to spring a surprise visit to the family...

I want to continue the summary but I'll give things away. This is definitely way more suspenseful and shocking if you don't know much so bare with me for my review.

I feel like everyone was talking about this film when it came out and everyone was telling me to go see it. I really had no idea what to think of it but everyone claimed that I would never guess the ending and that the story is unbelievable.

I have seen movies like this before. I honestly knew what was happening even before Nev figures it out, but maybe that's because I've always be aware of how much information is online and how easy it is to believe what people tell you. It was because of this that the movie didn't have as harsh an affect on me as it did most people but that doesn't mean it was bad. Not at all, I really enjoyed it.

The edits, the 3 friends together, Nev himself and where the movie does go (and how they keep going) is what kept me glued to the screen. I thought the pace was perfect and it really did feel real and truthful because they didn't leave anything out.

This movie actually broke my heart a little bit. I'm more sad than shocked and more depressed than scared. This story has to be learned though and everyone should see this film. The more people who do, the smarter our society will be and the smarted individuals will (hopefully) become.

I want to say more but it will give the whole thing away so I will have to leave it to that.

Solid documentary. Striking story. Probably not what you were expecting...


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