Sunday, October 2, 2011

Gamer (3)

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In the not so distant future when gaming involves real life people being controlled by real life players in a real environment, a boy controls the life of a convicted murderer in a game called Slayers. The question is, what is real?

I know that in real life Gerard Butler is kind of a dink but I always like him in every film I see him in. Yes, some of the movies are bad, but he is what makes the movie not a total waste of time when I watch it. This movie was no different, while the film itself had potential really all I remember is watching Gerard Butler kick ass and I always like when that happens.

Michael C. Hall played such a weird character. I thought he nailed it though...he was so weird. Dexter is my all time favourite television show and he was nothing like Dexter in this movie. I love when I see that, sometimes actors can't play in different forms and so television actors don't perform as well on stage or on the big screen but this was not the case. Well done.

The story was interesting to me. I enjoy seeing where and how far they will go when movies look into the future. This one seemed rather realistic though as games try to get more and more real and what is more real than someone actually dying when you shoot them. I know that you are thinking that is wrong and how awful but think about it, we aren't that far off from this. Hate to admit it but it is true. Escapism is what our society depends on...but enough of that.

The movie was great and then as they began to try to explain things further they started to lose it. I'm not sure if it was because it was an action flick and then they started to get serious while still keeping the fast pace or if because of that they kept switching from scene to scene way to quickly or maybe I just wasn't grasping it, but they lost me. And didn't get me back because the ending was shitty. It was. They build and build and this guy isn't supposed to be able to die and then he just does and that is that. Like. Really?! Boom. Easy. Dead. Credits. WTF? Hate it.

So the ending ruined the movie and about half way through it got too messy which sucks because it started out so well. Meh. It happens I guess. Still, a good sci-fi action flick. Gerard kicks serious ass.


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