Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Last Exorcism (1.5)

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2010 horror/drama by Daniel Stamm.

A fake exorcist brings a film crew to his final exorcism to prove to the world that there are no real demons, just people with troubles. A young girl and her family are about to prove him wrong.

I'm not sure why it took me so long to see this movie. I think it was in theatres and I missed it so it went onto the back burner. Now I wish I had not wasted my time seeing it at all.

It wasn't scary. I was maybe in suspense for the beginning of one scene and then when that ended in nothing I lost interest and this continued for the whole film. The only reason I kept watching is because I kept thinking something would happen but it never did.

The story is interesting because it shows this new form of exorcist but other than that the characters and story were thin. To make up for that some extra blood and cool new exorcism scenes would have worked but they didn't do that. Oh well.

That's the thing I found with this film - it's all been done before. Nothing was new. Creepy girl with weird religious family yadda yadda. Some blood. Some suspense. Weird ending and the entire time you don't really see anything that's happening because people are running with the handy cam. Meh.

Probably my least fav exorcist movie to date. I really wanted this one to be good.


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