Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Last Exorcism of Emily Rose (4)

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Following The Last Exorcism I decided to try another exorcism film in hopes of finding something worth watching. I found it. Thank you Netflix.

As I am interested in the paranormal I have read, heard and seen things from the real Emily Rose exorcism back in the day (the real name and audio files can be found on youtube but it's scary as hell, you were warned). So the fact that they made a film about it got me interested because I am a sucker for based on true story movies.

I was surprised when Jennifer Carpenter was Emily Rose. I love Dexter and it's my favourite show on television but Deb is one of my least favourite characters so I could never tell if Jennifer could actually act or not or if I hated her character. She can act. Man can she act. She can also make REALLY scary faces and move her body in weird and wonderful ways. She was awesome as Emily and I thought she nailed this part. While the story focused more on the Rev she was still amazing in her scenes.

I've always liked Tom Wilkinson (Eternal Sunshine for the Spotless Mind) and was happy to see him as Father Moore. He seemed innocent and sweet but at times strong and powerful. So, well, very much like a priest. haha. He just fit the part well and I thought he was a great match for Laura Linney.

I've seen Laura Linney in a couple movies (Love Actually) but nothing huge that made me really notice her. She was good as the lawyer but he character didn't have a lot of intense emotional scenes compared to others so I found myself less interested in her than some of the other actors.

The story was great and while I doubted the direction the film took at first I quickly got sucked into the story and was following every detail. I liked the way they balanced the court scenes with the exorcism and didn't find anything hokey or exaggerated with the horror scenes. It seemed all very real and that probably means they did their research and really wanted this movie to be truthful. Some extra dramatic elements were added but other than that I loved it.

I'll add this my solid horror movies list and is a great exorcism movie. It's more drama/horror than thriller/horror but it scared me and some parts were burnt into my mind which made it hard to fall asleep. Well done.


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