Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Real Steel (3)

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A down-and-out ex-boxer is reconnected with his son after 11 years. His son takes an instant interest in his profession, robot fighting, and the two find the fire to rekindle a long lost bond.

This movie is exactly what you think it is. It's an action movie about fighting robots with the added drama of a father and son bad relationship.

The two together do not really work in this movie. A slow mo fighting Hugh Jackman shot, cut to child brimming with emotional tears, cut to Jackman's love interest brimming with tears, cut back to slow mo robot fight just didn't work. I was laughing during every single emotional scene. That being said, I got exactly what I came for with this movie. I was expecting a masterpiece and knew it wasn't ground breaking cinema so I enjoyed the laughs rather than over think them.

The fights were not so impressive but I thought the robots were really cool. The idea is appealing to me as an action movie lover and I enjoyed all the different robots and the short-but-sweet explanation of how present day boxing became robot fighting. Pretty cool concept. This movie could've been a lot darker, gruesome and not-so-PG but I can see why they wanted this to be a little more family friendly (see also, money).

Hugh Jackman (Australia) is an all time favourite of mine. Ever since the first X-Men movie I have followed his career with bells on. I like how he is so diverse and talented and yet at the same time doesn't take himself too seriously. That's probably why he is still making solid box office rocking flicks while keeping his dignity. Yes, even after this movie (it was #1 at the box office for awhile and is now happy at #2).

The kid was pretty annoying. I like him at first but then after he kept yelling with a breaking voice and running around being all weird smiles and wide eyed I started to get irritated. Sorry buddy, it was a great attempt though and you done good.

I liked the look and personality behind Atom and was generally interested in the outcome of this movie and the robot. I can't say the same for the humans in the movie though, especially most of the side characters. The stereotypes were at an all time high and rather than find it amusing I found it kind of stupid. Meh.

It's a movie about fighting robots. You know if you'll like it or not. This is a movie that you don't really need me to tell you if it's worth while or not. I liked it because I would like a movie about fighting robots. Dig?


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