Monday, October 3, 2011

Zardoz (2.5)

(Watch the Trailer)

Set in the future, humans are controlled by their god Zardoz and one man sets out to find the truth.

Okay. I have no idea why I had never heard of this movie until now. Not only does it have Sean Connery in the most amazing sci-fi outfit known to life but it's Sean Connery as Sean Connery in a 1970s sci-fi movie. B rated sci-fi. Delicious.

The whole movie I spent with my mouth open just laughing and/or thinking WTF is GOING ON?! 105 minutes of confusion, randomness, more confusion and Sean Connery's thighs. This is awful. It really is so bad that it is slightly good. This is the worst movie and yet the best example of 70s sci-fi where everyone must have been tripping out or on something to make the stuff that they did. There were a lot of floating heads...

This movie is only good for one thing: laughs. No wait, two things: laughs and Sean Connery.

I don't have all that much else to say. If you don't like sci-fi don't even bother because I feel like only sci-fi fans can find even the remotest reasons to want to watching this movie. Unless you really like Sean Connery in a Mankini. I have to post a photo of him in full gear so you understand...

Wow. Yes. This. Watch it for this because besides consistent random shots of boobs there isn't a whole lot of other reasons.

2.5/5 (the .5 is for Sean Connery's outfit).

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