Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Another Year (3)

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A look at the life of an older couple over the course of a year.

As soon as I saw that Jim Broadbent was in this movie I wanted to see it. I love that guy, he's such a cute, old man. He was the best part of this movie. His facial expressions and side glances were amazing and I felt connected to him more than anyone else even though the story mostly focused on other characters.

This movie was very real. It was just like going home to your own family and hanging out. I did like the way they paced the year (because the movie looks at the lives on people over one year) but I found it slow. Slow because although a lot can happen in a year there are also those days where nothing overly important happens...which doesn't make for a very interesting film.

I found it hard to keep track of characters. They would mention someone in a scene and then 30 minutes later they would just turn up and not explain who they are and you sit there trying to piece it all together. A little bit distracting when the conversation has no relevance because the context isn't there when you have no idea the relationship between them.

Mary was a bit much for me but I think Lesley Manville nailed the character...she just drove me crazy and I felt sorry for her and it was like hitting my head against the wall.

While I was watching the movie I found it depressing and long with hints of cute. When it was over I thought of it a little more and liked it a bit more as I thought of the characters and how they evolved over the year. Really though, it wasn't enough for me.

If you like dramas, British films or slow paced, day to day life sort of films you'll probably like this.


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