Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Forks Over Knives (5)

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2011 documentary by Lee Fulkerson about wholefood plant based diets.

This is the most powerful documentary I have seen to date because it is about me and everyone I love. At the same time it didn't make me feel helpless or shameful. It didn't make me feel like an idiot for the way I live (well, kind of, but that's because I'm hard on myself). It just made me realize that I can help myself and others by eating things that are best for me.

I have watched numerous movies about not eating animals and why to be vegan and have read many articles and blogs and talked with vegan/vegetarian friends, yet this movie makes me want to convert more than anything ever has before.

The facts are there. They don't aim for over all shock factors or to dangle things in front of you only to talk about who's right and who's wrong (they do kind of touch on that but not much). They just tell you exactly what is true and from different perspectives with honest case studies and BAM. As a movie the information and interviews could've been edited different and arranged better so the movie flowed better but who cares, it's the information that matters.

Try it or not, you have to agree that what you see in this movie is proven in every way it could've been.

I'm starting right now.


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