Monday, November 14, 2011

Immortals (3.5)

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Theseus is chosen by the Gods to stop King Hyperion and the end of humanity.

While the movie was stunning and the story strong this movie is sadly forgettable. While watching it I was completely entertained and all my movie needs were met but not that it's been a couple of days I find myself not remembering why it was so enjoyable at the time. The action is pure and the feel of the movie was great but it didn't impress me.

Henry Cavill who played Theseus wasn't my favourite but he grew on me during the film. At first I was disappointed and was worried his performance would distract me but once the action got going I didn't pay too much attention to it. He does the angry face well and the man-in-action face even better. I'll give him that.

I'm sorry to say this, even after The Wrestler was such a good film, I do not get Mickey Rourke. I hear he could act in his day but I found him boring, one dimensional and just over all too comical when it came to being this badass guy. I'm not sure why, his costumes were amazing so it wasn't that...I just, don't really like him.

The costumes in this movie were very cool. Some of them were weird and too abstract for me but most of them were stunning and really matched the characters.

While the story wasn't as amazing as 300, which is one of my all time favourite action films, I found the characters interesting enough. I wanted to know more about the Gods and that whole back story but I didn't get anything so any chance of an emotional connection didn't happen. To be honest, I didn't feel anything towards any character. I just loved the beauty of each shot and the action was wonderful.

That is what this movie is all about and the reason why I was glad to see it on the big screen: the action. All of the scenes with the Gods fighting were beyond fantastic. The basic slow-mo action scenes were great and there was a good amount of gore to action ratio.

Not huge on character development but giant with amazing action, this movie is entertaining and exciting but nothing more. If you like action movies, see it! Just don't expect 300.


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