Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Ju-on:The Grudge (4)

(Watch the Trailer)

The 2002 original horror flick by Takashi Shimizu (Japan).

The best thing about this movie is that it isn't just a horror movie. Mind you, it's scary now and again, but I found it more creepy than anything. By not just a horror movie I mean that apart from the scares it's a dramatic, mysterious thriller that involves a murder investigation, teenagers, many families and strangers over a long amount of time. It was so interesting. Then on top of that they decide to scare you...magical. All you ever need in a movie (unless all you watch are comedies...not so many funny parts).

I didn't find it scary but it definitely was really creepy. I bet that most people would pull the blanket up close to their eyes during most of this movie. They really start off with a bang and don't stop until the credits roll. I heart Asian horror, they really know how do to it.

I have to watch the American version now but I'm guessing it's not as scary. The cat-kid alone was creepy enough to cause most people to turn the lights back on.

Not surprised, like I said, Asian horror is the only way to go. It's guaranteed to be good.


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