Thursday, November 17, 2011

Killer Elite (3)

(Watch the Trailer)

Yup, Jason Statham. This guy was made for action movies and for some reason, even after all of his characters being pretty much the same, I am not tired of him. He can do the action well and has at least minor talent which is more than I can say for most action stars. Solid.

I am tired of Clive Owen. I have liked a lot of his movies in the past but I am slowly realizing that he is a very 2-dimensional actor. He has his happy character or his manly/action character and that's about it. Bored with him. Need him to switch it up and make me understand why he is still in so many films.

Robert De Niro is the man (Limitless, Brazil, Everybody's Fine). 'Nough said.

The hand-to-hand comabt was pretty awesome in this movie. You can't deny that Statham was made for action flicks. The big and happy surprise for me was seeing De Niro kick some major ass, he was pretty badass in this movie. Maybe the most badass.

The suspsense for me just wasn't there. Except for the action, I found this movie kind of dull. That being said, most of the movie is action with car chases and hand-to-hand combat but as soon as the music died down and conversations began I lost interest. I guess the story wasn't interesting to me. Too many fingers being pointed with (to me) an obvious ending.

I was happy with the action but not much else. The ending was meh. I'm sure the book that this movie was based on would be a good read. I usually enjoy based on true story type movies but this one didn't do it for me.

Worth the action though it was too long in my opinion.


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