Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Like Crazy (3.5)

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Two people fall in love while in college but there's one catch: she has to go back to England once her VISA expires. Is patience enough to keep love alive?

I thought this was going to be a cute, happy movie with a struggle and a happy ending but instead this movie decided to break my heart and make me sad. It was good though, I loved the characters and how they both seemed very realistic. Their struggle seemed real to me and I'm sure lots of people could relate to this story in some way or another. Love isn't always honey and sunshine and this movie showed that really well.

Anton Yelchin has really grown on my since I first noticed him in the new Star Trek movie. I started to follow his career and so far I have liked everything I have seen. He is a little out of the spotlight but still well known and doing some blockbuster films but he still has this thing about him that I find appealing to watch. Looking forward to more stuff Anton. High five.

Felicity Jones was cute at first but I really felt like I watched her character grow and change during the movie. By the end of the movie I could tell what she was feeling by just watching her eyes...strong performance. Really well matched with Anton. Loved it.

There were some emotional scenes that I felt seemed a bit staged but at times they didn't really know each other so it was like they were strangers but at the same time...

I get the ending, I know that the movie couldn't have gone on further at that point because it was sort of the next chapter type thing but I still hated it ending from an emotional point of view. Now I am kind of sad and feel all emotional instead of filled with love and happiness. Laaaame. Why you gotta hurt my heart film?

The story is realistic and because of that I found myself getting sucked into this movie. It was shaky at first but then I was glued to the screen. The energy between these two comes and goes but like they say in the movie, there is something between them that cannot be explained. Good cast and a good story made for an emotional rollercoaster that I enjoyed.

Just enough to shake my heart but not enough to rip it out. Good thing, I was looking for a light hearted romantic movie. Yeesh.


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