Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Nell (3)

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A wild woman is found in the woods and doctors are given 3 months to observe her to see if she can survive on her own.

Jodi Foster's performance as Nell was incredible. I can see why she was up for an Oscar for this movie. She completely became this 'wild woman' and yet at the same time won our hearts. This is one memorable performance.

Liam Neeson (Unknown, The A-Team) can do no wrong. I heart that man. He certainly was an interesting character in this movie and while the movie is called Nell thus is should be more about Nell, I felt like a lot of information about his character was kept from the audience. I needed to know more in order to become connected to him and really understand why he was so obsessed with Nell...guess I'll never know. Still, Liam is awesome.

Natasha Richardson was interesting. I guess it was her character in general that I didn't like. Still, for a doctor, she wasn't that smart. Some of the stuff she did or said seemed ridiculous to me. Not her fault but didn't make me like her performance very much.

I think I was mainly distracted by the way it was filmed because of when it was made. Dramatic movies had a different sort of pace, tone and style to them. While it;s nothing compared to the old black and white days this movie is coming up on its 20th anniversary.

The story is amazing and I think they did a great job of slowly introducing us into Nell's world in a way that brings you closer and closer to this stranger without really knowing it.

I liked the movie and throught Jodi Foster's perfomance was fantastic but the way the movie was written and edited stopped me from being completely sucked into Nell's world.


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