Tuesday, December 6, 2011

In Time (4)

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In the not so distant future people stop aging at the age of 25 and then have to make time in order to survive. The rich stay young forever and the poor die young.

I REALLY liked the concept for this movie. I loved the whole time is currency thing and how the class differences mean you can live longer and so most people work just to survive. It is a perfect example for how our lives seem these days. I love when sci-fi really nails it when it comes to these concepts and metaphors for how messed up our world has become. I liked the design of the timer and of the whole live free until you're a certain age and then your clock starts ticking down. Awesome.

I keep being so surprised by how much I like Justin Timberlake on the big screen. I really like him as an actor. I think he fit this role really well as he has this sort of energy and sass to him that his character really needed. He handled the action and suspense well too. I thought he was a great choice and I had no problems with his performance.

Amanda Seyfried was less than impressive but I guess the only thing she needed to do was look good while running in 6" heels and make sure her hair never looked messy and she did that well. She just didn't have any layers to her at all. It wasn't her character either, she had a chance to make it something different but maybe the director pointed her in this direction. Anyways, I've liked her a lot better in other movies. Meh.

Liked the story, thought the concept and design of everything was interesting. There were parts of this story that obviously didn't really line up in my mind but there always is, especially with sci-fi/action films. There just isn't enough time to sit down and fully explain everything. Still, the action part of this movie was decent enough.

I liked the concept better than the story and the idea more than the action but over all I liked this movie. I thought it was different than other sci-fi movies and I liked Justin Timberlake. It didn't get great reviews but I really liked it, so you can watch and see for yourself.


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